Escape from Your Studies

As a student you’ll know only too well how stressful studying at college, school or university can be. Naturally, you’ll be looking for outlets for all that stress and a break from the hard work you’ve undertaken. Here at Escape Livingston, we’ve got a game that’ll really help you unwind and destress after a day’s study. 

Escape Livingston is the ideal tool to destress. Unlike the world of gaming there’s no sitting behind a computer screen pressing buttons over and over again. You get to leave the house and spend some time away from your room or the library.

What escape games do is test your problem solving and communication skills, but it’s also so much more than that in that it allows you to let your let down and enjoy time with friends. You’re locked in a themed room of your choice for 60 minutes and in that hour you must find the clues and puzzles and work them out. Only then will you be able to escape and leave the room. 

Apart from the fact it’s a great opportunity for you to break the ice with new friends who may have started the same time as you, it’ll also give you the opportunity to catch up with friends you’ve not seen for a while because you’ve been up to your eyes in work.

If you’re struggling to pull yourself away from your desk, then this is the ideal way to do it. The escape room challenge is all about communication, and you’ll have to speak to the people around you if you want to get out. 

The rooms are themed, as we’ve already mentioned, and each theme is based on something from popular culture. They’re decorated with items and furnishings from a famous show or cultural event that will appeal to different people. Of course, it will also make the whole game a lot more fun too than have a room that’s practically bare, wouldn’t you say?

Escape Livingston – for the gamester in you. If you’d like to escape the mundane and the stress of working and spending all your time in the university library, then come on down. We can’t wait to see you, book your room either online or on the phone. You can have 2 or up to 6 in each room and we’re convinced you’re going to enjoy it. After? Well, you can always down a few pints at the local and discuss why you think you won…or lost. If you do lose, you can always come back and try again, we always love seeing our past players again.