How Escape Games Improve Teamwork

Escape games are enjoyed by a wide variety of different people, sometimes just to enjoy the downtime with friends after work or shopping. However, escape games are also enjoyed by corporate teams because they improve teamwork. This can provide a return on investment, because once your team are back at work, they will have bonded, hopefully found out new and interesting things about each other, and found a way of feeling really comfortable working together.

Difficulty Bonding?

If you’re running a busy organization and the team just aren’t bonding, then this is the ideal opportunity to improve communication. If you have a project looming you need everyone onboard and working together, and you’ll want to improve working relationships before you start. This is the ideal way to do it by getting them to play a game where communication is essential.


When you gather your team together and place them in the room to work out the clues, they must learn to rely on each other. Trusting each other’s decisions, leaving certain aspects of the task to one particular person, and learning to trust and have faith in what the other person says is important. Some people have trouble delegating and this can create problems further down the line. Micro-management and an inability to share the workload by one person isn’t great for the team as a whole, so this exercise should help them to let go a little.

Goals and A Sense Of Achievement

Let your most important team members do the work and allow them to see what it feels like to have a goal and feel the sense of achievement once they’ve won. They’ll find out where their skills lie, and a taste of what it’ll feel like to take part in a real project with deadlines to meet and goals to achieve.

Respect and Collaborate

Another positive from escape games for you team is that they’ll learn to respect what each of them bring. Everyone’s contribution will matter and anyone who is able to solve a problem will be appreciated. It’s something that’s underdeveloped in organizations and an aspect of your team building you should spend time cultivating. Escape games will definitely help with that, creating the perfect environment in which to show some appreciation.


And finally, that sense of camaraderie and fun that people have when they’re not in the office and they’re working against the clock. Work pressure can get a little too much sometimes and being able to let off steam in the kind of environment escape games provide is a much-needed way to spend time. The pressure here is nothing but pure adrenaline and fun based, encouraging people to collaborate and work together in the best way possible.

Escape games Livingston – Help Your People Learn Teamwork and Have Fun At The Same Time

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