Who Visits Escape Livingston?

No doubt you’ve heard all about escape rooms somewhere, it’s been all over the media and people are writing and talking about it a lot. The reason for this is that escape rooms are becoming extremely popular with visitors from all over the country and the rest of the world. So, who visits escape rooms, and should you be the next person to pay us a call?

There’s a fairly good mix of people who visit escape rooms from all walks of life, from the age of ten up to adult. It’s the game that everyone enjoys, and we can testify to this here at escape games Livingston because we see all kinds of people come here again and again trying to beat the clock.

Escape rooms are usually themed, ours certainly are and this only adds a frisson to the game. The rooms are compact, not to big or small and a team of 5 or 6 can fit in one comfortably. Once you’re in there you’re locked in for 60 minutes and you have to find a series of clues and puzzles carefully hidden. Once you’ve got all your puzzles and clues together you have to find a way of working them all out in order to escape the room.

It’s a game of skill and brains and you have to work together as a team and think on your feet. Not everybody gets it right first time, but there’s great fun in trying, and people often come here again a second and third time to try their hand at escaping the room in the allotted hour.

The kind of people who come here are usually gamers, corporate teams, groups who are celebrating a special occasion, students who use it as a way to get to know each other, and friends who simply want to spend time and have fun together.

Corporate teams are usually those who work together in a corporate environment. They may be about to embark on a new project, the boss wants to see how they interact, spot some undiscovered skills and help them to break the ice and bond with each other. Gamers, who normally spend their time staring at a screen are able to unwind and play a game that’s in real life, with real people! It’s a great opportunity to pull away from the screen life and unwind with friends.

Escape rooms are also popular with those who are celebrating a couple’s coming nuptials in the form of a hen or stag night, or anything really, whether that’s a birthday or a special anniversary. Any landmark occasion is a good excuse to visit the escape rooms.

Escape Livingston – Exciting Escape Room Challenges

If you’ve now decided that escape games are for you and you’d like to try it for yourself and a group of friends, then book your room with us. You’re guaranteed a fantastic day out, so plan that all important fun trip to our escape rooms here at Livingston and we’ll see you there!