Escape Room FAQs

We realise you have a lot of questions when it comes to our escape rooms in Livingston, therefore today we’re going to be covering some of them. That way, once you have all the information you need in front of you, you can make an informed decision before booking a room and joining us here at Escape Livingston.

What are escape games?

It’s all about escaping a room, a themed room and you can have anything from 2 to 6 players in the room with you. You’ll be locked in and you must find some clues and puzzles that will help unlock the room. If you don’t find them all within 60 minutes you lose the game and you don’t get out – well you do really, but you will have not succeeded in getting out of the room in time. 

Why play escape games?

This type of game is popular because it’s great for breaking the ice, improving communication and problem-solving skills in corporate teams, making new friends and it also provides a great opportunity celebrate a milestone birthday or any other important event such as a stag or hen do. People love it because all it asks of you is one hour out of your life and in that hour, people have such a great time. 

Is there an age limit to escape rooms?

No, but if you have children under 16 it’s a good idea if you accompany them and if you have children under 10 then they might find it a little overwhelming. 

If you have claustrophobia are escape rooms right for you?

They are but we would leave the rooms unlocked so you’ll feel safe and you can come out any time. 

How many people should there be in each room?

We would advise that in each room a minimum of 2 people is advisable and up to 6 is okay before it gets a little crowded. That way you can still have fun and you’ll have enough room to move around without tripping over each other!

How much time does an escape room take?

Once you’re in the room it’ll be exactly 60 minutes, but we suggest arriving at least half an hour early so we can brief you first prior to going in, and then another 30 minutes after you’ve finished to collect your belongings. 

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If you think you now know enough to convince you that an escape room is something you’d like to try – and we sincerely hope you do, then please come and book your room online or by phone, we’re here to take your booking and we can’t wait to see you.