Why Are Escape Rooms So Popular?

We’re talking about why escape rooms are so popular. We know why we love them, but then again, we’re bias. We know much fun they can be for days out with friends and as a useful tool for corporate teams. Want to know more about escape rooms, why everyone’s talking about them? Then read on and let’s get down to the really important part about why you should try the escape rooms for yourself.

So, what’s it all about?

The concept itself is enough to get you excited. At its most basic, it’s about locking a group of people inside a room for 60 minutes and leaving them to find their own way out, via a few cryptic clues and puzzles which they have to find hidden within the room.


The rooms are all themed, it could be a casino theme, Da Vinci, Area 51, Witchcraft, yes, we’ve got it all going on. You can even come dressed up if that’s your thing. You won’t always get out within the hour, but you’re always welcome to come back and try again.

Enjoy yourself and relax in the most unique and fun way possibly

Spending time in an escape room is a fun and unique way to enjoy yourself and relax with friends. It could be to celebrate a party or just to get you out of the house, whatever people’s reasons for doing it, whether it’s for fun or to build team morale, it’s certainly gaining popularity.

Don’t life overwhelm you, take a break

Life can get pretty stressful and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the bad news there is out there and coupled with work stress it can make life hard. An hour in an escape room will give you a much-needed escape from reality, a place where you can simply have fun and think of nothing else until it’s over.

Get away from the media, phones, computers, tablets – and speak to each other!

Normally, when we’re all glued to our tablets, phones and desktops, conversation and connection in the physical realm can take a backseat. With our escape rooms you can work together to solve a problem without relying on your phone, and by actually speaking to each other!

Escape games Livingston – once you’ve tried it, you’ll want to come back again and again

We strongly suggest you try it out for yourself and you’ll soon see why escape games are so popular with the general public. Come down and book your room today and you’ll be guaranteed a fantastic day out.