What are Escape Rooms?

Heard people talk about escape rooms and intrigued as to what they are, and perhaps try one out? Try testing your grey matter in games where you pit your wits against friends, family or work colleagues to see who escapes a locked room first.

60 Minutes is All You Have to Escape

Our locked rooms all come with one thing in common, you have 60 minutes in which to escape. In order to do this, you have to work out puzzles, solve cryptic clues, read some maps and work out between each other how the hell you escape from this room.

Improvement in Team Performance

Corporate teams find our escape rooms useful for increasing workplace productivity and offering newbies the opportunity to bond and break the ice in a non-work environment. It’s also good because the boss or team leader can see where everyone’s skills lie so they’re better placed to choose who does what once they’re back at base.

Fun For Everyone

For family and friends, it’s just a really fun way of spending a morning or afternoon with each other, trying to escape a locked room in the most fun and spectacular way. Each room usually has a theme, ours are the following: Da Vinci, Area 51, Casino Heist, Witchcraft & Wizardry and Escape the Seven Seas. We kit each room out to best mimic the chosen theme and each cryptic clue or puzzle will be themed too. It’s the best kind of fun you could have indoors with friends and family and it’s time well spent.

The puzzles, crosswords, clues will all test you but not to the point where they’re too hard to complete. We want you to enjoy the experience not leave feeling disheartened, so they’re hard enough to get your brain working, but not so hard they’re impossible to solve. We think we’ve come up with something pretty special. They’re great as ice breakers and if there’s someone you haven’t seen for a while either a friend or family member, then it’s a great way of getting them back on speaking terms.

Visit Our Escape Rooms in Livingston

If you want to improve your team’s performance at work or simply spend quality time with friends then you should head towards our escape rooms in Livingston. It’s the ideal way to improve team performance as well as provide fun filled days out for the family. It’s the perfect way to unwind and get those brain cells working. Take a look around our website if you haven’t already and get in touch about booking one of our escape rooms, you’ll be glad you did.