Why Team Building Is an Essential Investment for Your Organisation

Why is team building an essential investment for your organisation? We believe that you will get a high return on your investment, in teamwork, productivity and happier employees, that’s why it’s so highly recommended. Therefore, today we’re going to be discussing exactly that, and why you should be prepared to put your hands in your pocket and invest in your team.

Team building gets results

If you go on a team building exercise whether in house or externally, you’re hoping to improve productivity and motivation, and the results can be staggering. It’s usually better to take your team out of the office and away from the office desk, and that way you can hopefully eliminate any barriers to having fun and bonding.

The results from team building exercises have had such great results in the past that large corporations are now utilising team building programmes into their training. By effective team building activities management you can help build communication skills, problem -solving and conflict resolution and help foster better working relationships and work patterns.

Team building exercises foster team spirit and motivation, collaboration, innovation and creativity, and helps build trust. If people are around those they trust, then they’re much more likely to work better, helping them to use their imagination. By building confidence they’ll be more prepared to put their ideas into action and discuss them with fellow workers, something they may have been reluctant to do before.

Team building activities

can also help build trust among your team which in turn can help them improve working relationships and make it easier for them to take instruction, listen to each other’s ideas and get results. As they’re more willing to depend more on each other they can be more productive as a result.

Conflict resolution and communication

is one area that improves with team building activities. Team building can help play a crucial role in easing any conflicts between workers by helping them to bond and to become more acquainted with each other’s characters. Through these types of activities communication improves as co-workers learn how to better communicate as they work on tasks which require teamwork.

As a result, once back in the work environment their ability to communicate is improved allowing them to function better and communicate their work needs, whatever it is they need to help them be more productive. This helps everyone and helps foster a healthier working environment.

Of course, you need the right kind of team building activities to get those productive juices flowing. And that’s where we come in……

Escape Livingston– team building activities to help you build that dynamic team

If you’re going to participate in a team building exercise you need to choose the right one, one that’s going to get the results you’re looking for. A team building activity where co-workers have to work together as a team, communicate, resolve conflict and work on their problem-solving skills.

And Escape Livingston has all of that. Yes, one themed room, 60 minutes to get out and a whole host of hidden cryptic clues and puzzles to help you find the way to freedom. Your team will need to find the clues, work them all out, and then free themselves from a room in under an hour. We believe Escape Livingston is a worthwhile investment for your organisation and we’re more than happy to discuss it if you’re thinking of booking one, or maybe even more than one, of our rooms. You won’t regret it.