How to Be Successful in an Escape Room

If you’ve booked your room and you’re going to be swinging by at some point to take part in our escape games, then it’s probably just as well you’ve come across this post. Because today we’re going to be going over how to be successful in an escape room, it might just give you the edge on coming out the other end having solved the puzzles and clues within the 60 minutes. 

Firstly, working as part of a team is crucial

There’s no room for prima donnas in an escape room game. This is prime teamworking and working in harmony. Help each other out and you’ll find the all-important clues that much quicker. Fight for supremacy over who’s the best and the loudest and you’ll lose. This isn’t about who’s the smartest and the most popular, it’s about everyone working together.

Don’t stick on one clue if you don’t understand it

Once you have all your clues in a row it’s now time to decipher them. If one is too hard move on to the next, don’t dwell on it, as you’re wasting precious time which could be best served trying to solve the next one on your list, which in turn could help you solve the one before, yes, the one you were originally stuck on. 

What are your individual strengths and weaknesses?

Utilize them, remember them if you don’t know each other as a group that well, ask each other, perhaps one is good at math, one is better at problem-solving and another is good at fast thinking. Whatever their skills are, once you know you can use them to best effect those clues will be solved in no time. 

Look everywhere!

Make sure your team is spread out all over the room and are checking out every nook and cranny, above, eye-level and below. Once someone has a clue, make sure they know to shout out and then place it somewhere in a safe area you’ve all agreed on. Whatever you do don’t put your clues somewhere you’ve specifically chosen and no one else knows about because you could forget where it is and then be completely stumped. One lost clue isn’t too bad, you can still get out, but if you do it with more than one you’ll really come unstuck, so make sure there’s an allotted place which you all know about to place your clues. 

Good organizational skills

Being organised is crucial, make sure you have a strategy, no matter now simple, so you’re not all either bunched in one area, not making much use of the space around you when searching, and none of you are slacking off in a corner after last nights take away while the rest of you do all the hard work. Harmony and working together are what you’re looking for, you don’t have to be tackling it like Mission Impossible, but if you have some sort of cohesive strategy you’ll have a better chance of winning. 

Escape Livingston – Premier Escape Games

If you think you have a knack for it now, and if you believe you have a fighting chance of winning, then why not book your escape room with us and come on down? It’ll be the best 60 minutes out of your day by far, so what’s stopping you?

How Escape Games Improve Teamwork

Escape games are enjoyed by a wide variety of different people, sometimes just to enjoy the downtime with friends after work or shopping. However, escape games are also enjoyed by corporate teams because they improve teamwork. This can provide a return on investment, because once your team are back at work, they will have bonded, hopefully found out new and interesting things about each other, and found a way of feeling really comfortable working together.

Difficulty Bonding?

If you’re running a busy organization and the team just aren’t bonding, then this is the ideal opportunity to improve communication. If you have a project looming you need everyone onboard and working together, and you’ll want to improve working relationships before you start. This is the ideal way to do it by getting them to play a game where communication is essential.


When you gather your team together and place them in the room to work out the clues, they must learn to rely on each other. Trusting each other’s decisions, leaving certain aspects of the task to one particular person, and learning to trust and have faith in what the other person says is important. Some people have trouble delegating and this can create problems further down the line. Micro-management and an inability to share the workload by one person isn’t great for the team as a whole, so this exercise should help them to let go a little.

Goals and A Sense Of Achievement

Let your most important team members do the work and allow them to see what it feels like to have a goal and feel the sense of achievement once they’ve won. They’ll find out where their skills lie, and a taste of what it’ll feel like to take part in a real project with deadlines to meet and goals to achieve.

Respect and Collaborate

Another positive from escape games for you team is that they’ll learn to respect what each of them bring. Everyone’s contribution will matter and anyone who is able to solve a problem will be appreciated. It’s something that’s underdeveloped in organizations and an aspect of your team building you should spend time cultivating. Escape games will definitely help with that, creating the perfect environment in which to show some appreciation.


And finally, that sense of camaraderie and fun that people have when they’re not in the office and they’re working against the clock. Work pressure can get a little too much sometimes and being able to let off steam in the kind of environment escape games provide is a much-needed way to spend time. The pressure here is nothing but pure adrenaline and fun based, encouraging people to collaborate and work together in the best way possible.

Escape games Livingston – Help Your People Learn Teamwork and Have Fun At The Same Time

Why not plan a trip to visit us here in Livingston and you’ll have a fantastic day out, improving teamwork, helping your team to bond and discover new skills – and have a really great time, naturally.

Who Visits Escape Livingston?

No doubt you’ve heard all about escape rooms somewhere, it’s been all over the media and people are writing and talking about it a lot. The reason for this is that escape rooms are becoming extremely popular with visitors from all over the country and the rest of the world. So, who visits escape rooms, and should you be the next person to pay us a call?

There’s a fairly good mix of people who visit escape rooms from all walks of life, from the age of ten up to adult. It’s the game that everyone enjoys, and we can testify to this here at escape games Livingston because we see all kinds of people come here again and again trying to beat the clock.

Escape rooms are usually themed, ours certainly are and this only adds a frisson to the game. The rooms are compact, not to big or small and a team of 5 or 6 can fit in one comfortably. Once you’re in there you’re locked in for 60 minutes and you have to find a series of clues and puzzles carefully hidden. Once you’ve got all your puzzles and clues together you have to find a way of working them all out in order to escape the room.

It’s a game of skill and brains and you have to work together as a team and think on your feet. Not everybody gets it right first time, but there’s great fun in trying, and people often come here again a second and third time to try their hand at escaping the room in the allotted hour.

The kind of people who come here are usually gamers, corporate teams, groups who are celebrating a special occasion, students who use it as a way to get to know each other, and friends who simply want to spend time and have fun together.

Corporate teams are usually those who work together in a corporate environment. They may be about to embark on a new project, the boss wants to see how they interact, spot some undiscovered skills and help them to break the ice and bond with each other. Gamers, who normally spend their time staring at a screen are able to unwind and play a game that’s in real life, with real people! It’s a great opportunity to pull away from the screen life and unwind with friends.

Escape rooms are also popular with those who are celebrating a couple’s coming nuptials in the form of a hen or stag night, or anything really, whether that’s a birthday or a special anniversary. Any landmark occasion is a good excuse to visit the escape rooms.

Escape Livingston – Exciting Escape Room Challenges

If you’ve now decided that escape games are for you and you’d like to try it for yourself and a group of friends, then book your room with us. You’re guaranteed a fantastic day out, so plan that all important fun trip to our escape rooms here at Livingston and we’ll see you there!

Why Are Escape Rooms So Popular?

We’re talking about why escape rooms are so popular. We know why we love them, but then again, we’re bias. We know much fun they can be for days out with friends and as a useful tool for corporate teams. Want to know more about escape rooms, why everyone’s talking about them? Then read on and let’s get down to the really important part about why you should try the escape rooms for yourself.

So, what’s it all about?

The concept itself is enough to get you excited. At its most basic, it’s about locking a group of people inside a room for 60 minutes and leaving them to find their own way out, via a few cryptic clues and puzzles which they have to find hidden within the room.


The rooms are all themed, it could be a casino theme, Da Vinci, Area 51, Witchcraft, yes, we’ve got it all going on. You can even come dressed up if that’s your thing. You won’t always get out within the hour, but you’re always welcome to come back and try again.

Enjoy yourself and relax in the most unique and fun way possibly

Spending time in an escape room is a fun and unique way to enjoy yourself and relax with friends. It could be to celebrate a party or just to get you out of the house, whatever people’s reasons for doing it, whether it’s for fun or to build team morale, it’s certainly gaining popularity.

Don’t life overwhelm you, take a break

Life can get pretty stressful and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the bad news there is out there and coupled with work stress it can make life hard. An hour in an escape room will give you a much-needed escape from reality, a place where you can simply have fun and think of nothing else until it’s over.

Get away from the media, phones, computers, tablets – and speak to each other!

Normally, when we’re all glued to our tablets, phones and desktops, conversation and connection in the physical realm can take a backseat. With our escape rooms you can work together to solve a problem without relying on your phone, and by actually speaking to each other!

Escape games Livingston – once you’ve tried it, you’ll want to come back again and again

We strongly suggest you try it out for yourself and you’ll soon see why escape games are so popular with the general public. Come down and book your room today and you’ll be guaranteed a fantastic day out.

Things to Do in and Around Livingston With Kids

If you have children you may find it difficult sometimes to keep them entertained, so today, we’ve put together a post on things to do in Livingston with kids, and hopefully you’ll have a full itinerary of stuff to do. That way, you’ll have an impressive list of things to do that’ll keep your kids entertained for the duration of your stay. And if your stay is more permanent, then your kids will always have a way of entertaining themselves.

Livingston Shopping Centre

you’ll find there’s plenty to do in Livingston at any time of year. There’s some great shops to have a look around and you can always stop to eat in any one of the restaurants and cafes dotted throughout the shopping centre. There’s every single shop you can think of and it’s beautifully decorated around Christmas time, but don’t let that stop you visiting at any other time of year, it’s great all year round!

Five Sisters Zoo

The Five Sisters Zoo is a really original zoo where there’s all kinds of wildlife for you to see. They’re only a few kilometres from the A71 which is outside Polbeth, West Calder and it’s definitely worth a visit. It has nearly 200 species of different birds, reptiles and mammals and it’s a great place to take the children, because there’s so much to see and learn about. It’s a privately-owned zoo and run by the Currans, with the help of a dedicated team of keepers and volunteers the zoo helps to take good care of their residents and all are well cared for. It’s a great day out for the whole family.

Beecraigs Country Park

As well as lots of great walking trails, you’ll also find a fantastic adventure play area and mountain bike trails where you can take you bike out on to the forest roads. You can also take your dog for a leisurely stroll as well as horse riding. Orienteering is another fantastic thing you can do as part of a dynamic group activity where there’s fitness, map reading and team work on offer. There’s plenty to do so you’ll never be bored.

Escape Games Livingston – The Best Way to Have Fun

Finally, there’s Escape Livingston. This is a game of brains and cunning as your team is locked in a room with 60 minutes to escape. Each escape room is built on a theme and you can choose which one you’d prefer to work in. Once you’re locked in, you’ll have to find a range of puzzles and cryptic clues to find your way out within the hour. It’s the best kind of fun there is. So, come on down and pay us a visit, or book one of our rooms online, we can’t wait to see you.

Why Team Building Is an Essential Investment for Your Organisation

Why is team building an essential investment for your organisation? We believe that you will get a high return on your investment, in teamwork, productivity and happier employees, that’s why it’s so highly recommended. Therefore, today we’re going to be discussing exactly that, and why you should be prepared to put your hands in your pocket and invest in your team.

Team building gets results

If you go on a team building exercise whether in house or externally, you’re hoping to improve productivity and motivation, and the results can be staggering. It’s usually better to take your team out of the office and away from the office desk, and that way you can hopefully eliminate any barriers to having fun and bonding.

The results from team building exercises have had such great results in the past that large corporations are now utilising team building programmes into their training. By effective team building activities management you can help build communication skills, problem -solving and conflict resolution and help foster better working relationships and work patterns.

Team building exercises foster team spirit and motivation, collaboration, innovation and creativity, and helps build trust. If people are around those they trust, then they’re much more likely to work better, helping them to use their imagination. By building confidence they’ll be more prepared to put their ideas into action and discuss them with fellow workers, something they may have been reluctant to do before.

Team building activities

can also help build trust among your team which in turn can help them improve working relationships and make it easier for them to take instruction, listen to each other’s ideas and get results. As they’re more willing to depend more on each other they can be more productive as a result.

Conflict resolution and communication

is one area that improves with team building activities. Team building can help play a crucial role in easing any conflicts between workers by helping them to bond and to become more acquainted with each other’s characters. Through these types of activities communication improves as co-workers learn how to better communicate as they work on tasks which require teamwork.

As a result, once back in the work environment their ability to communicate is improved allowing them to function better and communicate their work needs, whatever it is they need to help them be more productive. This helps everyone and helps foster a healthier working environment.

Of course, you need the right kind of team building activities to get those productive juices flowing. And that’s where we come in……

Escape Livingston– team building activities to help you build that dynamic team

If you’re going to participate in a team building exercise you need to choose the right one, one that’s going to get the results you’re looking for. A team building activity where co-workers have to work together as a team, communicate, resolve conflict and work on their problem-solving skills.

And Escape Livingston has all of that. Yes, one themed room, 60 minutes to get out and a whole host of hidden cryptic clues and puzzles to help you find the way to freedom. Your team will need to find the clues, work them all out, and then free themselves from a room in under an hour. We believe Escape Livingston is a worthwhile investment for your organisation and we’re more than happy to discuss it if you’re thinking of booking one, or maybe even more than one, of our rooms. You won’t regret it.

Tips to Escape Our Rooms

You’re coming to our escape rooms and now you have to work out how you’re going to escape and ultimately win. But how? You’re going to be excited with adrenaline flowing, you could easily make mistakes and you’ve only got an hour to do it in. Plus, the clues and puzzles aren’t easy to find and when you do, you then have to try and work them out in order to escape. Think it’s too hard? Do not fear, we’ve come up with some tips to help you escape from one of our rooms.

1) Make sure you play with people you know, so you have less likelihood of clashes, and pick those with the right strengths and skills. You don’t want to be arguing with people you don’t know, and you want to pick people who are good at working out puzzles, thinking on their feet and who stay nice and calm throughout.

2) If you choose too many people, then you’re going to be up close and personal in a small space and if you don’t know each other that well, it might not be that much fun. Perhaps best to choose a smaller group then. When there’s less people there’s far more surprises and more things for everyone to do, so everyone’s included and basically, it’s much more fun.

3) Don’t try and do it all yourself by hogging all the puzzles, if you can’t figure it out yourself share between those you think can. Someone else taking over will bring a fresh pair of eyes and help see something you’ve missed. You’re all there to work as a team anyway, and there’s no I in team, so be prepared to work as one.

4) Be prepared to listen and try out things your team suggest, no need to be dismissive always be prepared to try new things if it means solving another puzzle and getting closer to escaping. Even if it’s an idea that doesn’t work, always encourage and praise your teammates for trying.

5) Make sure everyone knows when someone has worked out one clue, so people aren’t constantly going back to the same ones. Then make sure you know where they are as you go to work out another one, perhaps you could pick someone who can take care of the solved puzzles and clues. And make sure you search the rooms thoroughly, because clues won’t be there where you can see them, they’ll be hidden from view, so you need to be sharp enough to search everywhere.

Do you think you have what it takes now? Are you an Escape room pro? If so, come down and visit us here at Escape Games Livingston where you’ll find a selection of themed rooms to choose from and a friendly welcoming team. We’ll see you there!

What are Escape Rooms?

Heard people talk about escape rooms and intrigued as to what they are, and perhaps try one out? Try testing your grey matter in games where you pit your wits against friends, family or work colleagues to see who escapes a locked room first.

60 Minutes is All You Have to Escape

Our locked rooms all come with one thing in common, you have 60 minutes in which to escape. In order to do this, you have to work out puzzles, solve cryptic clues, read some maps and work out between each other how the hell you escape from this room.

Improvement in Team Performance

Corporate teams find our escape rooms useful for increasing workplace productivity and offering newbies the opportunity to bond and break the ice in a non-work environment. It’s also good because the boss or team leader can see where everyone’s skills lie so they’re better placed to choose who does what once they’re back at base.

Fun For Everyone

For family and friends, it’s just a really fun way of spending a morning or afternoon with each other, trying to escape a locked room in the most fun and spectacular way. Each room usually has a theme, ours are the following: Da Vinci, Area 51, Casino Heist, Witchcraft & Wizardry and Escape the Seven Seas. We kit each room out to best mimic the chosen theme and each cryptic clue or puzzle will be themed too. It’s the best kind of fun you could have indoors with friends and family and it’s time well spent.

The puzzles, crosswords, clues will all test you but not to the point where they’re too hard to complete. We want you to enjoy the experience not leave feeling disheartened, so they’re hard enough to get your brain working, but not so hard they’re impossible to solve. We think we’ve come up with something pretty special. They’re great as ice breakers and if there’s someone you haven’t seen for a while either a friend or family member, then it’s a great way of getting them back on speaking terms.

Visit Our Escape Rooms in Livingston

If you want to improve your team’s performance at work or simply spend quality time with friends then you should head towards our escape rooms in Livingston. It’s the ideal way to improve team performance as well as provide fun filled days out for the family. It’s the perfect way to unwind and get those brain cells working. Take a look around our website if you haven’t already and get in touch about booking one of our escape rooms, you’ll be glad you did.